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Rubicon Carbon Announces Two New Features to Improve VCM

At Rubicon Carbon, we are working to make the next generation of the VCM – the Voluntary Carbon Market 2.0 – a reality. With innovation, technology, and the tools of finance, we believe that carbon credits in  VCM 2.0 can have impeccable integrity, buying quality credits will be seamless, and ongoing risks will be mitigated and dynamically managed.  To that end, we’re excited to launch two new features that exemplify our commitment to VCM 2.0. 

Carbon Removal RCT

The Rubicon Carbon Tonne represents a portfolio of carbon credits that we curate and manage on behalf of our clients. 

To date, we have offered our clients two RCTs, one focused on nature-based emissions reductions and one based on industrial emissions reductions.

Now, Rubicon Carbon’s clients can also purchase our Carbon Removal RCT, which represents a blended portfolio of high-quality carbon removal projects from across the globe, including reforestation projects in Ghana, Biochar production in Brazil, Mangrove restoration in Pakistan, and Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage in the United States. 

With our new Carbon Removal RCT, we’re allowing clients to diversify their carbon credit portfolio with new project types across different geographies while benefiting from the same risk-mitigation and impact assurance features of our existing RCT offerings. 

Build Your Own RCT Portfolio

While our actively managed RCTs are one way to purchase credits through Rubicon Carbon, some clients have asked for the ability to build their own portfolios.

With the aim of enabling our clients to combine different project types and geographies from across Rubicon Carbon’s holdings in order to meet their specific sustainability goals, we’re pleased to share that clients can now build customized portfolios of projects. 

By providing a new level of flexibility to companies that use carbon credits as part of their net zero strategies, we at Rubicon Carbon are ensuring that our clients can benefit from the risk mitigation features provided by our portfolio approach while also picking and choosing specific projects.  


Our Carbon Removal RCT and our customizable portfolios demonstrate our commitment to building the innovative tools required to usher in a new and improved vision of the voluntary carbon market. We look forward to sharing more updates as we continue this journey. 





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