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Rubicon Carbon Announces A New Carbon Removals-Focused White Paper

By Matthew Carpenter-Arévalo

The world has a burning challenge: in addition to reaching no net new emissions by 2050, we also have to remove ten gigatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent from the atmosphere to reach the 2015 Paris Agreement’s goal of a 1.5-degree Celsius change in global temperature to ward off the worst effects of irreversible climate change. 

Carbon removal credits help us achieve our goal. By removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in the biosphere and geosphere in stable liquid and solid forms, we can use technological and nature-based solutions to help create a planetary balance. 

There is a catch. Many of the methodologies and companies involved in the carbon removal market are in the early stages of their development. Buyers of carbon removal credits face tough questions: how do they meet their net zero goals by guaranteeing access to fairly priced credits while providing the liquidity necessary to boost the emerging industry? 

We at Rubicon Carbon believe that corporates can meet their goals, safeguard their investment, and catalyze the carbon removal industry by investing through a diversified portfolio of credits. In our white paper, we go into great detail explaining:

  • The status of the carbon removal credit market;
  • How portfolios reduce costs and reputational risks for buyers;
  • How Rubicon Carbon’s unique approach enables the flow of capital to the most promising technologies

If you want to download our white paper, click the link below to receive it by email.

Download White Paper:



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