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Rubicon Carbon and YvY Capital Announce Collaboration to Scale Up Green Investments in Brazil

Marina del Rey, CA

Rubicon Carbon LLC (Rubicon), a vertically integrated carbon credit management firm, and YvY Capital, a prominent Brazil-based asset management firm focused on the transition to the green economy, are pleased to announce their collaboration to scale up carbon investments in Brazil. This strategic partnership will focus on identifying, developing, financing, and executing investment opportunities to facilitate the generation of high-quality carbon credits.

Given their vast expanses of rainforests, Brazil and the broader Latin American region represent critical geographies for carbon markets. The Amazon Rainforest alone accounts for approximately 10% of the world's known biodiversity and plays an outsized role in regulating the global climate. 

The collaboration between Rubicon Carbon and YvY Capital will encompass a wide range of activities, including exploring both Natural-Based Solutions (NBS) and non-NBS carbon solutions. By leveraging their combined expertise and resources, the two entities aim to drive innovation and efficiency in the carbon markets, thereby contributing to global climate action efforts.

"We see Brazil and Latin America as critical regions in the fight against climate change. We are excited to join forces with YvY Capital to accelerate the development of carbon markets in Brazil," said Tom Montag, CEO at Rubicon Carbon. "Through this collaboration, we aim to unlock opportunities that deliver both environmental and financial value."

YvY Capital shares Rubicon Carbon's commitment to sustainability and sees this collaboration as a strategic step towards advancing Brazil's climate resilience and biodiversity conservation efforts.

"Our Partnership with Rubicon aligns with our mission to accelerate and scale the transition to the Green Economy,” said Gustavo Montezano, CEO of YvY Capital and former CEO of the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES). "Together, we will work towards deploying capital into projects that mitigate climate change and support local communities and ecosystems.” 

The collaboration between Rubicon Carbon and YvY Capital marks a significant milestone in the journey toward a low-carbon future. By combining their strengths, the two entities aim to catalyze the growth of carbon markets in Brazil and contribute to global efforts to combat climate change.

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About YvY Capital: 

YvY Capital is a Brazil-based regenerative investment firm founded by a group of senior executives with multidisciplinary experience in finance, environmental matters, government/public policy, diplomacy, and international trade. Its mission is to accelerate and scale the transition to a green economy.  More at



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